New Arrivals

View some of our most recent arrivals at the nursery.

Blue Wood Aster
pollinator attractor plant
AST - Aster c. ‘Avondale’ (Blue Wood Aster) – an American native with masses of pale blue flowers in fall, 2-3’ H x 2’ W
Coral Bells
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
HEU - Heuchera s. ‘Bressingham Hybrids’ (Coral Bells) – waxy scalloped clumps of foliage with airy spikes of pinkish red flowers, 12-18” H x 12” W
Western Columbine
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
AQU - Aquilegia formosa (Western Columbine) – native to open woodlands, little red and yellow lanterns dangle stop tall stems over delicate foliage, can re-seed, 24-36” H x 18” W
Lily Turf
pollinator attractor plant
LIR - Liriope muscari (Lily Turf) – thick, strappy foliage is evergreen and sports purple flower spikes in fall like grape hyacinth, 12-18” H x 18” W
Korean Feather Reed Grass
“deerpollinator attractor plant
CAL - Calamagrostis brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) – cool season grass with fabulous plumes exploding like fireworks come fall, accentuated by back-lighting, 3-4’ H x 3’ W
Creeping Oregon Grape
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
MAH - Mahonia repens (Creeping Oregon Grape) – tough as nails native evergreen, foliage turns plummy in the winter with coppery new growth in early spring and golden flowers, followed by blue fruits in fall, 2-3’ H x W

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drought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
ERI - Erigeron p. ‘Lynnhaven Carpet’ (Robins Plantain/ Fleabane) – Eastern US native selection, dense mat forming hairy foliage is topped with the palest lavender daisies in spring, 12-15” H x 18” W
Golden Currant
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
RIB - Ribes aureum (Golden Currant) – native deciduous woodland shrub with clusters of yellow blooms with a hint of red, small black fruits relished by birds, coppery – burnt orange fall color, 3-6’ H x W
Lenten Rose
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
HEL - Helleborus orientalis (Lenten Rose) – nodding blooms in late winter range in color from ivory and pale green to deep plummy purple, leathery evergreen foliage, will re-seed, 18” H x 24-30” W

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Meadow Rue
pollinator attractor plant
THA - Thalictrum ‘Black Stockings’ (Meadow Rue) – super-sized cultivar! Columbine- like foliage with deep purple stems and frothy pinkish- lavender flat topped corymbs in early summer, 4-5’ H x 2’ W