Pollinator Garden Sun Mix Collection

Curated by Bonni and Christie, Landscape Designers at Shooting Star Nursery

Our Designers have curated some wonderful plant collections to make it easier for you enjoy beautiful, well thought out gardens that will thrive in the Rogue Valley climate. The collections include vignettes that complement each other and give all season interest, along with arrangement instructions, plant descriptions and spacing guidelines. The work is done!

butterfly on joe pye weedThis mix is ideal for areas with full sun or a minimum of 5-6 hours, although many of the plants are quite versatile and tolerant of a little less. As in any good pollinator garden, there are blooms spanning late winter through fall in order to provide a continuous food source for all our favorite winged and crawling friends. Grassy plants have also been included for habitat, offering hiding places for over-wintering beneficial insects and nest building supplies for other wildlife.

Order your plant collection to have it ready for pickup at the nursery and enjoy a 10% discount. The collection includes a planting plan for a 90-100 square foot bed. If your space is larger, feel free to repeat the scheme and order more than one collection.

Deer Resistant


Drought Tolerant


Hummingbird Favorite


Pollinator Attractor


The Pollinator Garden Sun Mix Collection includes the following plants:
(designers can make appropriate substitutions depending on seasonal inventory)

Ornamental Onion
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
ALL - Allium ‘Millenium’ (Ornamental Onion) – perennial type with long blooming pinkish-lavender globes mid-summer and foliage that remains attractive all season, 18” H x W
English Lavender
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
LAV - Lavandula ‘Hidcote’ (Dwarf English Lavender) – a compact classic, deeper colored flower spikes late spring, 24” H x W
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
ARC - Arctostaphylos b. ‘Louis Edmonds’ (Manzanita) – an upright evergreen shrub with mauve flowers in early spring and deep burgundy- purple bark, tolerant of part sun, 5-6’ H x 3’ W
“deerhummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
MON – Monarda ‘Purple Rooster’ (Beebalm) – saturated plum flowers mid-summer atop strong stems of aromatic, mildew resistant foliage, 36” H x 24” W
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
AST - Aster o. ‘Raydon’s Favorite’ (Aromatic Aster) *or similar variety – clouds of bright lavender flowers late summer through fall with aromatic foliage, great for cutting, 24-36” H x 18” W
Fountain Grass
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
PEN K - Pennisetum o. ‘Karley Rose’ (Oriental Fountain Grass) – in summer soft rosy colored plumes top this vase shaped grass, amazing when back-lit, 3-4’ H x W

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drought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
ECH - Echinacea ‘Powwow Wildberry’ (Coneflower) – compact/ sturdy selection with bright magenta flowers continuously throughout summer/early fall with some dead-heading, 18-24”H x 16” W
drought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
PEN R - Penstemon m. ‘Red Rocks’ (Hybrid Beardtongue) – narrow, glossy green foliage with deep pink flowers throughout summer, 15-18” H x 15” W
“deerpollinator attractor plant
ERI - Erica x ‘White Perfection’ (Heath) – prickly evergreen foliage smothered in mini white bells most of winter and into early spring, 18” H x 24-36” W
Russian Sage
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
PER - Perovskia a. ‘Little Spire’(Compact Russian Sage) – upright sub shrub with fuzzy lavender flower spikes mid summer into fall, 24” H x 36” W

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Joe Pye Weed
pollinator attractor plant
EUP - Eupatorium ‘Baby Joe’ (Dwarf Joe Pye Weed) – compact, upright cultivar with fantastic bold foliage and large mauve flower clusters mid-late summer, 3-4’ H x 2-3’ W
Autumn Sage
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
SAL - Salvia ‘Heatwave Brilliance’ (Hybrid Autumn Sage) – compact woody perennial with aromatic green foliage and intense magenta blooms mid summer-fall, 24” H x W

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