Waterwise Pastel-Tones Collection

Curated by Bonni and Christie, Landscape Designers at Shooting Star Nursery

Our Designers have curated some wonderful plant collections to make it easier for you enjoy beautiful, well thought out gardens that will thrive in the Rogue Valley climate. The collections include vignettes that complement each other and give all season interest, along with arrangement instructions, plant descriptions and spacing guidelines. The work is done!

penstemon margarita bopThis waterwise design will give you color and interest throughout the year as well as using less water and resources. This collection works well in full sun to at least 6 hours of sun in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon (USDA Zone 7b). All of the plants are drought tolerant – see our How to Water Guide. Well-draining soil will suit them best. Most of them are deer resistant as well, although it can always depend on your resident deer population.

Order your plant collection to have it ready for pickup at the nursery and enjoy a 10% discount. The collection includes a planting plan for a 90-100 square foot bed. If your space is larger, feel free to repeat the scheme and order more than one collection.

Deer Resistant


Drought Tolerant


Hummingbird Favorite


Pollinator Attractor


The Waterwise Pastel-Tones Collection includes the following plants:
(designers can make appropriate substitutions depending on seasonal inventory)

Fountain Grass
“deerdrought tolerant plant
PEN K. - Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’ (Pink Fountain Grass) – ornamental grass with green upright arching foliage and early blooming pink fading to white blooms that billow throughout the summer, cut back in early spring, 24-36” H x 24- 36” W

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Creeping Germander
“deerdrought tolerant plantpollinator attractor plant
TEU - Teucrium chamaedrys (Creeping Germander) – evergreen subshrub with mauve-pink spikes of flowers mid summer, 18” H x 2-3’ W
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
CAR - Caryopteris ‘Dark Knight’ (Bluebeard) – deciduous, woody-stemmed shrub, deep lavender flowers from mid-summer to fall, shear back to 6-12” tall in early spring, 36” H x 36” W

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Compact Catmint
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
NEP - Nepeta ‘Junior Walker’ (Compact Catmint) – herbaceous perennial with gray-green foliage and lavender blooms from late spring to fall, especially if sheared after first bloom, 18” H x 24” W
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
GAU - Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’ (Wandflower) – grass-like perennial with star- shaped white flowers on thin stems all summer long, somewhat deer resistant, cut back in early spring or to control size, 2-3’ H x 2-3’” W
Prostrate Rosemary
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
ROS - Rosmarinus ‘Irene’ (Prostrate Rosemary) – low-growing evergreen herb with needle-like foliage and light blue early spring flowers, can be pruned for shape and used for cooking, 6-12” H x 3’ W
Pink Hummingbird Mint
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
AGA - Agastache ‘Raspberry Summer’ (Pink Hummingbird Mint) – herbaceaous perennial with licorice-mint-scented foliage and pink tubular flowers from summer to fall, prune back in early spring, 24-32” H x 18-24” W

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Santa Barbara Daisy
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
ERI - Erigeron ‘Profusion’ (Santa Barbara Daisy) – herbaceous perennial with long-blooming small daisy-like flowers that easily trail throughout other plants, can shear back in early spring, 6-10” H x 12-24” W
“deerdrought tolerant planthummingbird favorite plantpollinator attractor plant
PEN - Penstemon ‘Margarita BOP’ (Beardtongue) – subshrub, low-growing perennial w/narrow green leaves and spectacular tubular blue to purple to pink flowers in late spring into summer, shear back after bloom or in early spring, 2’ H x 2’ W