All species appreciate rich soil with ample water and regular fertilizing for more robust results.  It is typical for these hardy, evergreen species to show yellowing of foliage followed by some leaf drop during the winter months. 

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  Botanical Name

  Common Name


CLUMPERS - Bamboos with non-running rhizomes that slowly increase their clump circumference by a few inches per year and typically have smaller culms than runners
Fargesia denudata  Denudata Bamboo, Naked Clumping Bamboo  10-15' H x W, 1/2" culms, smaller leaves and shorter canes w/arching habit, leaves stay greener and are less likely to drop in winter, part sun to shade, zone 5 
Fargesia dracocephala 'Rufa'
(aka Fargesia sp. 'Rufa')
Sunset Glow Bamboo  7-10' H x W, 1/2" culms w/rusty colored sheaths, vigorous grower, one of the most heat tolerant, full sun to shade, zone 5
Fargesia sp. rufa 'Green Panda'  Green Panda Bamboo  same as the above - selected for vigor 
Fargesia murielae  Umbrella Bamboo  10-14' H X W, 1/2" culms (bluish when new w/tan sheaths), fountain-like habit, part sun to shade, very hardy zone5
Fargesia nitida 'Great Wall'  Great Wall Blue Fountain Bamboo  12-15' H x W, 3/4" culms are bluish to purple w/tan sheaths, upright and then arching habit, part sun to shade,  VERY hardy zone 5 
Fargesia robusta 'Green Screen' Green Screen or Ivory Column Bamboo  12-15' H x W, 3/4" culms (rusty red when new) w/persistent sheaths that fade to cream giving a checkered look, vigorous more upright growth (makes a good screen/hedge), more sun tolerant - full sun to shade (more compact in sun), zone 7
RUNNERS - Everything from groundcovers to timber types, rhizomes run horizontally - indefinitely, can be controlled by rhizome barriers or kept in containers
Phyllostachys aurea  Golden Bamboo  15-20' H, 1-1/4" culms are more yellow w/sun and age, vigorous growing, upright habit makes a great hedge/screen, strong canes are useful, full to part sun, zone 7 
Phyllostachys nigra  Black Bamboo  20-35' H, 2"+ culms emerge green and turn black within 1-3 yrs, initially slow growing - more vigorous and robust w/age and rich soil, full to part sun, zone 7b
Phyllostachys n. 'Bory'  Tiger Bamboo  35-40' H, 3" culms emerge green and develop dark brown patches within months, more vigorous than the straight species, prized in Japanese woodworking, full to part sun, zone 7b
Phyllostachys vivax  Chinese Timber Bamboo  40-45' H, 3-5" culms (although some of the largest not the strongest for building), the quickest to attain size in the PNW, hardiest of the timber types, full to part sun, zone 6 
Phyllostachys v. 'Aureocaulis'  Golden Vivax (Timber Bamboo)  40-50' H, 3-5" culms are golden w/random green striping - very dramatic! and more pronounced in full sun, zone 6 
Sasa palmata ('Nebulosa')  Broad-Leaf Bamboo  6-10' H, green culms develop brown/black swirly patterns (low down on canes) w/age, leaves grow up to 14" long x 2-4" wide - very tropical! fast growing dwarf, part to full shade, zone 7b 
Sasa veitchii  Kuma Bamboo  2-5' H, large leaves emerge green - in fall leaf margins wither and fade to white giving a variegated look, part to full shade, zone 7