Pennisetum orientale 'Karley Rose'

Karley Rose Oriental Fountain Grass


An easy to grow, soft textured fountain grass, 'Karley Rose' will give you months of light pink blooms that are great for floral arrangements but aren't attractive to the deer.  This Pennisetum is cold hardier than the straight species and blooms earlier than other species like 'Hamelyn'.   The rose pink blooms start in early summer and continue til frost.  Once the blades and blooms dry out to a autumnal tan the sillouette remains pretty in the frost of winter.  It needs cut back in fall or early spring for the new growth to emerge.  Besides that, there is no care to this drought tolerant, deer resistant grass.   With the blooms, 'Karley Rose' tops out at about 3' tall and 24-30" wide.  It is easy to divide to create a massed effect in your garden.  It looks great backlit by early morning or late afternoon sun and pairs nicely with Sedums, Echinaceas and other large flowered perennials.  Full sun or light shade and well draining soil is best, it doesn't want to be in boggy soil.